We all know that babies have a hard time staying still. By the time you get your phone out to snap a photo, the moment may be gone.

Here are our favorite iPhone features for capturing your super-active baby.

1. Open the camera from the lock screen

When your baby is being really adorable, the last thing you want to do is fumble with your passcode and navigate to the camera app icon on your home screen.

To quickly launch your camera from your iPhone in just two steps, hit the Home button, and then swipe up on the camera icon at the bottom right of your lock screen.

Don’t worry, other people won’t be able to access your photos or other information using this shortcut.

2. Use the volume controls to take your photo

It may be tricky to tap the shutter button on your phone screen when you’re trying to get the perfect frame for your photo. If you prefer physical buttons, you can use the volume buttons (either one works) as the shutter instead.

3. Take several images per second with Burst Mode

With iOS 7 and above, you can now take up to ten photos a second using Burst Mode. Just tap and hold either the shutter button or one of the volume controls, and your phone will take photos continuously until you release your finger.

Burst mode is perfect when your baby is moving around a lot, and you want to make sure you have a clear photo with eyes open.

To free up storage and keep your camera roll from getting cluttered, make sure you delete the photos you don’t want from your camera roll. If storage is not an issue for you, use Precious, which automatically finds the best photos taken in a series for you so you don’t have to do the work yourself!

4. Take photos while filming a video

When your baby is doing something especially cute, you don’t have to choose between filming and capturing the perfect still. Just start recording your video, and tap the round button next to the record button to take photos. This feature is available on iPhone 5 and above.